Democracy and European Citizenship: 14th and 15th January 2017

On the 14th and the 15th of February 2017, during a snowy weekend, the participants of the project “Pimp my Europe” met in Hattingen (Germany), in the DBG-Conference Centre, for exploring the topics of Democracy and European Citizens.
There were some old and many new faces!

pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.048 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.049 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.011  IMG_9042 IMG_9095

Everyone speaks about Democracy but what does Democracy actually mean? How do we exercise Democracy? pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.026

The participants tried to find answers to those and other queries. Did they find them?

pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.033 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.084

For sure, what they´ve found it´s more questions!


After discussing and experiencing different forms of consensus, our heroes reached a decision and finally enjoyed some relax and rest, getting ready for the following day!

pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.074 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.077 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.052 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.054 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.068 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.069

The history of Europe and of the European Union is more complicated than just a straight line. It is passing through many different events and it touches many different topics. As present and future European citizens, what is it important for the young generation?

IMG_9101 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.044 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.072pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.078 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.071

The next step is for our heroes to make their voices. And how are they going to do that? Organising an event in the State Parliament of the North Rhine-Westphalia!

pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.029 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.088 pimpmyeurope17.hattingen.087

Stay tuned for more updates to come!

Until then…





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